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A multi-purpose Discord bot that once served 50+ users over numerous Discord servers.

Welcome to GreustBot!


GreustBot is a homebrew Discord bot that was built entirely on Node.js. GreustBot’s main function is to encourage interactions between server members by providing a variety of commands with functions ranging from entertainment to productivity. GreustBot is also capable of handling a virtual currency system called Cadiro Coins with numerous ways of gaining/spending the coins.

GreustBot was also designed to run on a Raspberry Pi that uses PM2 to manage the Discord bot’s process and keep it online 24/7.

As of March of 2019, I am no longer maintaing GreustBot.

Functions and Commands

GreustBot has over 30 commands, with some using external APIs (Reddit,, League) to make a post. All commands are prefixed with ”! “ For example, ”! joke”

Below are a showcase of some commands that GreustBot contains for different categories.

These are some of the most used commands in GreustBot that I wanted to highlight. GreustBot also contains many more commands that aren’t listed here!


GreustBot was singlehandedly developed by me starting in the Summer of 2017, right before I became a Junior in high school. I continued to occasionally develop GreustBot over the next two years, but development became unwieldy as the codebase grew bigger.

I stopped maintenance and development of GreustBot around March 2019.

What did I take away?

Being my very first major project in programming, GreustBot taught me an incredible amount about starting projects and maintaining them over time.

The most important take-away from GreustBot for me was the absolute necessity to maintain a clean, organized codebase and folder structure right from the start. As a project expands, having a structured codebase and structure will greatly aid development. In the end, I decided to stop GreustBot’s development and pursue some of the other projects that I had started to build.